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Product Launch Image
How To Successfully Launch A New Product (10 Steps)
EvolvingDigital | 21 January

Do you think great product launches (e.g., Apple, Tesla, Google, and Nike) happen by chance, or does the marketing team carefully orchestrate them? What

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iPhone Image
Why you should build an iOS App first (and not Android)
EvolvingDigital | 08 August

You are ready to build an App, so which platform should you build on first? The short answer is both. However, most organizations and startups don't have the

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Minimum Viable Product (MVP): 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid
EvolvingDigital | 17 July

Popularized by Twitter, Zappos, Dropbox, Airbnb, and tech companies in general, Minimum Viable Product is a simple concept but often misunderstood. Hence why

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App monetization Image
App Monetization - How to make money with an iOS or Android App
EvolvingDigital | 06 July

Having the right monetization model can mean the difference between a profitable app or a failed venture. It’s no secret that the App market (iOS and Android

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Price Wars Image
Product Strategy - How to avoid Price Wars
EvolvingDigital | 27 June

In overcrowded industries, differentiating brands and products becomes much harder. Products are generally becoming more similar and as they do, customers

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Apple's ARKit AR Image
Apple’s ARKit - Augment Reality experience on iOS
EvolvingDigital | 20 June

What is it? ARKit is an Augmented Reality development framework that allows Developers to easily create augmented reality experiences for Mobile devices (

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Product Roadmap Image
Why most organizations need a Product Roadmap
EvolvingDigital | 12 June

The purpose of a Product Roadmap is to show high-level direction and progress of a Product. You may be thinking “we don't have a product, so we don't need a

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