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Why organizations don't use personalization
Top 3 reasons why businesses don't use Website Personalization Tools
EvolvingDigital | 31 March

Over the last ten years, website personalization has been one of the driving factors in website redesigns. In fact, over 70% of website redesigns we were

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Are CMSs still relevant
Are content management systems still relevant?
EvolvingDigital | 07 April

The short answer is yes, but less and less so; for the most part CMSs are still focusing on web content. In other words, the best and more polished features

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A/B Testing Image
Improve conversion by continuously experimenting with A/B Testing
EvolvingDigital | 07 June

A/B testing is a randomized experiment using two (or more) different versions to see which performs better.In the context of a Website, you're often

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Product Roadmap Image
Why most organizations need a Product Roadmap
EvolvingDigital | 12 June

The purpose of a Product Roadmap is to show high-level direction and progress of a Product. You may be thinking “we don't have a product, so we don't need a

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App monetization Image
App Monetization - How to make money with an iOS or Android App
EvolvingDigital | 06 July

Having the right monetization model can mean the difference between a profitable app or a failed venture. It’s no secret that the App market (iOS and Android

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PPC Campaign with AdWords
How to Launch a Successful PPC Campaign with Google AdWords
EvolvingDigital | 11 July

Are you looking for ways to increase your revenue? Boost your sales? Increase brand awareness? If planned and executed well, Pay-Per-Click Marketing can help

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Landing Page Image
Increase Sales and Conversion Rate With Landing Pages
EvolvingDigital | 18 July

Landing pages are critical in digital marketing because they can make or break your lead generation process. Therefore, even small improvements in the

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Google Tag Manager Image
Get insight into your Customer’s Journey with Google Tag Manager
EvolvingDigital | 24 July

You cannot deliver a great customer experience without first having a deep understanding of your customers, and with Google Tag Manager you can collect

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Man looking through magnifying glass
As A Customer Or A Potential Buyer, Knowing Your Software Vendor’s Business Strategy Is Essential
EvolvingDigital | 05 September

Different business strategies result in different customer experiences, and your software vendor is no different. Vendor’s long-term strategy will have a

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