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Illustration of the Agile Process
Why The Agile Framework Is Perfect For Marketers
EvolvingDigital | 29 January

Willingness to experiment with new and unconventional channels is one of the core attributes of high performing marketing teams because marketing is more art

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Man looking through magnifying glass
As A Customer Or A Potential Buyer, Knowing Your Software Vendor’s Business Strategy Is Essential
EvolvingDigital | 05 September

Different business strategies result in different customer experiences, and your software vendor is no different. Vendor’s long-term strategy will have a

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Business meeting with 5 people
5 Steps to ensure a Productive Meeting
EvolvingDigital | 01 September

Meetings are not immune to the latest trends; for example, some meeting organizers provide entertainment (icebreaker), encourage walking meetings, and set

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Risk Management Image
Why everyone should think about Risks and Risk Management
EvolvingDigital | 30 June

Why is Risk Management Important? You don't have to be a project manager to benefit from understanding and implementing some level of Risk Management. For

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Problem Project Image
How to Rescue a Problem Project
EvolvingDigital | 21 June

You have been assigned a problem project (over budget, behind schedule, team morale is low, stakeholders are unhappy, etc), so what do you do? You will

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