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Yelp and Google My Business Logos
Yelp or "Google My Business"? Which Is More Important To Your Business?
EvolvingDigital | 02 July

Yelp has been the defacto business directory service for the last 10+ years, but will it continue to dominate? How does Google's strong challenge affect Yelp

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Illustration of google search results
Diversity - Google's Latest Search Algorithm Update
EvolvingDigital | 26 June

For many businesses, Google Search is their primary source of traffic, so any algorithm change that impacts results and ranking should be carefully observed

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Remarketing text and Google Ads Logo
Google Remarketing Ads (Adwords) - A Guide For Small Businesses
EvolvingDigital | 18 June

We have all walked into stores, browsed around, and eventually left the store without making a purchase. In the brick and mortar world, this is where a store

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Large Lead Generation Text
A Comprehensive Guide To Lead Generation And Nurturing For Small Businesses
EvolvingDigital | 12 March

All healthy (growing) businesses have a strong sales pipeline, and more specifically a great lead generation process. For many businesses, online lead

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Algorithm Picture
How to rank higher in Google Search (demystifying PageRank)
EvolvingDigital | 10 May

In simple terms, PageRank is Google’s search algorithm, and it is the core technology behind search results. In essence, it is the technology that determines

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Google Search Image
Google’s mobile-first indexing change is a must read!
EvolvingDigital | 29 March

Google just rolled out a mobile-first indexing change, and in our opinion, this is the most significant change we’ve seen in years. It is no secret that

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Marketing Automation Image
Manage marketing effectively with Marketing Automation
EvolvingDigital | 19 February

The goal of every marketing automation solution is to automate repetitive tasks and give your organization the tools to manage marketing efforts (campaigns

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Ad compensation methods
Advertising compensation methods: CPC, CPA, CPM, CPL, and CPI
EvolvingDigital | 09 January

Online advertising can be intimidating if you don’t understand different advertising compensation methods and how they are calculated. Here is a quick guide

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Landing Page Image
Increase Sales and Conversion Rate With Landing Pages
EvolvingDigital | 18 July

Landing pages are critical in digital marketing because they can make or break your lead generation process. Therefore, even small improvements in the

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