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Multiple Twitter Logos
5 Sure Ways To Get Unfollowed or Muted on Twitter
EvolvingDigital | 06 September

It is no secret that Twitter is full of noise, and in many instances, this noise is caused by Twitter accounts that focus on churning out as many

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Two women reviewing analytics
How to spot bot (non-human) traffic on your website
EvolvingDigital | 29 August

We make more and more decisions by using data, and this trend will only continue to grow because data-driven decisions typically outperform other types of

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Call-to-action button
7 Call-To-Action (CTA) Tips To Improve Your Sales
EvolvingDigital | 13 August

Call-to-actions (CTAs) often don’t get the attention they deserve, but they are arguably one of the most important aspects of your website or

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Businessman playing chess
Strategic Thinking Will Drive Innovation In Your Business
EvolvingDigital | 30 July

Businesses and organizations that foster strategic thinking always outperform their competition, and the reason is quite simple - they innovate more. You

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Person using Facebook on their phone
Use Facebook To Grow Your Business
EvolvingDigital | 24 July

Facebook has been around for over 10 years now, and while many people will automatically associate Facebook with controversy (privacy, fake news, etc.) it’s

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Person checking an email
Conversational email campaigns (increase your conversion rate and sales)
EvolvingDigital | 16 July

In one of our previous articles, we discussed that email marketing outperforms many marketing channels, and consistently delivers a high ROI. However, this

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Money growing
Transition your business from “survival” to “growth” mode
EvolvingDigital | 09 July

For many entrepreneurs and business owners, investing in equipment, merchandise, people (hiring), office space, retail, legal, and so on, is a part of

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Person buying online with a credit card
Start Selling Online With WooCommerce
EvolvingDigital | 06 July

Selling online has never been as easy or affordable as it is today. You are spoiled for choice with countless e-commerce solutions, and irrespective of the

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Website on different devices
How to turn your website into a marketing machine
EvolvingDigital | 26 June

We often use the term “online brochure” to describe websites which look like a brochure. For the most part, these websites have a home page, a few more pages

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